The Plastic Wars

posted by neckro @ 28 May 2005 16:51 CST

From New Scientist:

"Gender-bending" chemicals mimicking the female hormone oestrogen can disrupt the development of baby boys, suggests the first evidence linking certain chemicals in everyday plastics to effects in humans.

From the liner notes of Black Lung's Extraordinary Popular Delusions: [more inside]


Just think about it.

Yeah, plastic.

You know, everything you eat or drink has come into contact with plastic. In fact, just about anything that enters your body has been packaged or pumped through plastic. You name it, food, drink, blood for a blood transfusion, pharmaceuticals, everything that goes through a syringe, water, bread... We place an awful lot of trust in plastic.

And of course, the day had to come... that numb, dumb day of shocked realization was pretty much inevitable.

Our trusted friend... the drink container, the p.v.c. piping, the sleek vinyl outfit, they all killed... well, that's a bit harsh... let's say they undermined us.

The Romans had their lead pipes, the dentists had their mercury amalgam... and, all of us had plastic.

I'll keep it simple.

Magic and technology. They're the same thing. Magic is just a technology that you don't grasp yet.

The matriarchal mystery schools know this, and they taught it... in fact, still do.

The christians didn't even see them coming. Sure, the christians were mean enough. Theu burnt the female mystery schools underground. But the schools kep their magic or technology or whatever you're inclined to call it, intact. And they waited, planned, and bided their time.

Yeah, those christians were mean alright, real nasty... and very, very stupid. They linked arms with the money-hungry, progress-at-any-cost types and danced merrily into the fucken abyss. An abyss planned and created by you-know-who and their magic... or technology... or whatnot...

And who said the goddess didn't have a sense of humour?

But, hey, I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Plastic. Really. Plastic. That's what it all came down to. A humble servant and a wicked master.

It took those late christian era scientists until just a few months shy of the new millennium (...a happy coincidence, I swear!) to finally figure out what was going down.

Plastic. Well, plastic ain't just plastic. You see, every one of little Jimmy's glad-wrapped lunches, and every single greasy credit card left a little trace, packed a tiny surprise.

Estrogen. The 'female' hormone. Not the real thing, but a synthetic so lovingly manufactured that the human body just couldn't tell the difference.

Just think of it. Four or five generations of constant exposure to the female building block. Every piece of plastic, a tiny, tiny drop of estrogen.

Bigger tits, smaller cocks, and within the space of one brief century a sperm-count that disappeared somewhere beneath the floor.


Absolutely fucken marvellous. We can but gasp in admiration at Dame Elizabeth Rockerfeller and her ilk, the matriarchs of the grand European families, the Du Ponts and the Rothschilds. While the men-folk squandered their energies on finance, war, intrigue and politicking, our foremothers his and protected the flame of the ancient mystery schools through the ages. Held onto the magic and the mystery until the pink rose would bloom again.

And bloom it did, my friends.

A bloodless coup.

Over time, nearly every man became a woman... their kind assimilated almost out of existence. Our magical technology made the male biologically irrelevant.

Look back from out placid vantage point over the tumultuous currents of history and learn ye well, brethren...

- From a lecture delivered by Dravina of the Elder Priory 23/12/2012.
Channelled by DAVID THRUSSELL 0200 hours 1/3/1998.4:47 PM 5/28/2005