posted by neckro @ 28 October 2003 1:42 CST

Half-assed, incomplete writings found in my art school notebook, 1999:

The world's economic state is of turmoil. Imagine the flux and flow of money as a container of water. Debris on the surface, the capital income of various groups and countries, rises and falls according to the water level. At Near the top and bottom, the water is frozen. The water in the middle, warm but buffered by the solid flood and ceiling of ice, sloshes about madly and chaotically. The orientation of our proverbial container is tilted; the water runs along one side, going up instead of down; all debris seeks the upper layer. Those trapped at the bottom attempt to melt through to a higher echleon. Occasionally a particle, almost insignificant, an individual person or group, will randomly teleport to some other area. The entire experiment is caught in a state of flux. Eventually the container must collapse.

(I hate imprefect metaphors. Metaphor is a symptom of the associative properties of the human neuron brain. A mind thinking in metaphor mistakenly assumes that the correlation is perfect. If the metaphor is right, it can lead to great insight. If the analog is flawed, it can be a grave mistake.)

(Of course, some of the particulate matter is trapped in frozen water. Its willingness to remain there depends on its condition.)

(Perfect economic state: A perfectly level pool of water. Low-amplitude waves undulate across the surface. Equilibrium.)

Yeah, I have no idea what the fuck I was getting at either.


Anything in your notebooks about Gun Kata? ;D

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Quiet, you.

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Well, that's far less emo than anything you'd find in one of my high-school era notebooks.

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