posted by neckro @ 08 October 2003 5:07 CST

Sniff the muffin, God damn you.

Get up close and smell it.

You catch that? Not so good for you now, is it?

Jam it up in your face. Have a big mouthful while inhaling that muffin odor.

MSG. Hydrogenated oils. Synthetic flavors. Imitation blueberries.

All of this is encased in a sheen of... stuff. You don't know what it is. But you can't stop smelling that smell.

Eat some more. Gorge your gullet until your veins are yellow with cholesterol. Until your skin is swollen with lard. Until you can't get out of that door.

That's right, tip the UPS guy extra to bring those sweet death-bombs the extra twenty feet into the reach of your glutton-hands.

You can't fucking resist, can you?



posted by GomiBushi @ 08 October 2003 5:10 CST

You post as rarely as I post often.


but I do love Alfred Bester, so you're forgiven.

posted by beezie @ 18 October 2003 9:02 CST