Perfect copy.

posted by neckro @ 10 September 2003 0:52 CST

I have a perfect copy in my archives.

I can see it. I can touch it.

I made this copy a long time ago, and kept it in flawless condition. In case something should happen to the original.

Things fade. Things tear. Things get damaged.

Usually it's my fault.

Some people might say that a copy is never as good as the original. If I made a copy of my copy, it would never be the same again.

But having something is better than having nothing. If it's inevitable that things disintegrate, why not keep a copy?

Just in case.

Sometimes, though, I wonder if something will happen to the copy. If it's not in a safe enough place. If it will get damaged, and torn.

Just like everything else.

As long as I keep the copy safe, I'm okay.

I have a perfect copy of you in my archives.




Dear gods I hope not. o_O


Good stuff. :)

posted by solios @ 10 September 2003 1:32 CST