Mission statement.

posted by neckro @ 02 September 2003 22:49 CST

So, what's this all about? Oh, just another one of dem "blog" sites (God, do I hate that word), pass the marmalade, dear. Another spattering of bile and phlegm on this great network of ours. Plenty of anonymous vitriol, impossible minutae, and just plain whining. Every difficult adolescent on the Web has their own website, so why not us? Wah wah.

But cynicism for its own sake is just as boring as the opposite. Why don't you add content instead of attitude, pal? Why not show 'em up a little? Sure.

We'll try to do that.

How do you be completely original in this medium? Answer: You don't. Still, measures can be taken to alleviate the tedium of a medium such as this.

  1. Take the personal minutae somewhere else. Call your mom and tell her. This is the Web, for fuck's sake. If it's not interesting, take it somewhere else.
  2. Likewise: We don't want to see any dancing babies, or crazy Japanese guys, or whatever the current funny Web fad is. Exception: If it originated with us. Then it's our fad. That's different. Then we can draw unsuspecting innocents into our deadly wake.
  3. Be as unique as you can manage. It's the thought that counts, dammit. Nobody's keeping score. But we can still yell at you for being stupid.

We have a few categories here. Maybe you've noticed them. They should be self-explanatory. If they're not, try a dictionary.

(By the way: We are totally not affiliated with these guys, or, God forbid, these guys.)

Have fun, and don't taunt the monkeys.




posted by solios @ 03 September 2003 0:49 CST